Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures to restore a woman’s body after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Dr. Khalifeh's mommy makeover procedure often includes a combination of surgeries, such as a tummy tuck to repair the abdomen, a breast lift, or a breast lift with augmentation to restore a youthful, firm, lifted appearance to breasts that appear saggy or deflated.

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a popular term used for a combined surgery to reverse the changes of pregnancy on the abdomen and the breast performed simultaneously. For the abdomen, the classic mommy makeover involves tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty). This custom surgery repairs a condition called “diastasis recti,” when the abdominal muscles have been damaged and appear split. Excess skin and fat are removed, along with stretchmarks on the lower abdomen. The goal of the makeover procedure is to restore (or enhance) your pre-baby body. In some cases, liposuction is all that is needed for women who have retained skin flexibility but want to remove a bulging tummy “pooch.”

Your private consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Khalifeh, you will be asked questions related to your medical history, lifestyle, and health. He will discuss your desired outcome and answer any questions you have about undergoing your custom mommy makeover, and what is required in your case. Your consultation will include discussing:

  • Any previous medical treatments, conditions, surgeries, or drug allergies
  • Your tobacco, recreational drug, and alcohol use, if applicable
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • All current herbal supplements, vitamins, and medications
  • May take photos for a before and after comparison
  • Answer your questions and concerns about a mommy makeover
  • Honestly and openly discuss what you want to achieve
  • Discuss surgical risks
  • Give you a breast exam
  • Order a mammogram
  • Discuss recovery time

A mommy makeover is more than one surgery. In some cases, surgical procedures are performed in a single appointment, but in other cases, the surgeries are “staged,” or performed separately. Your health and safety are the priority in these decisions.

Mommy Makeover:
Breast Rejuvenation

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy may be part of your custom mommy makeover. This procedure will lift, reshape, and restore your breasts. If you have lost volume or want fuller breasts, implants can be placed to create plumper, fuller breasts.

Mommy Makeover:
Tummy Tuck

If your abdominal muscles are stretched or split, and you have stretch marks and excess skin and fat, a tummy tuck is part of your mommy makeover. Dr. Khalifeh will tighten and repair your abdominal muscles, strengthening your midsection and narrowing your waist, and remove excess skin and fat. Stretch marks on the lower abdomen can often be removed.

Mommy makeover Testimonials and Results

Restoring your breasts after breastfeeding: Breast lift surgery

During your mommy makeover, Dr. Khalifeh will lift your breasts, and if you have lost volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding, you may want to add volume with breast implants, either silicone or saline. If your breasts are causing you discomfort due to being overly large and heavy, a breast reduction can be performed to reshape your breast tissue and create more attractive body proportions.

How do I prepare
for a mommy makeover?

  • Ensure any health conditions are under control, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Stop smoking well in advance of your mommy makeover. Smoking reduces your body’s ability to heal. You should be free of nicotine for at least six weeks before and after a mommy makeover.
  • Eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and avoid alcohol so you are in good overall health before your surgery.


The location of the incisions will reflect the combination of procedures in your mommy makeover.

Breast lift

A breast lift requires a vertical pattern mastopexy which starts with a circular incision around the areola. That incision continues down toward the fold underneath the breast. In some cases, the incision will then extend to the inframammary fold (breast crease). If you are augmenting your breasts, the implants are placed through the breast crease incision.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery requires an incision from hip to hip. The scar is hidden beneath the bikini line. A circular incision around the belly button may be necessary.

It is impossible to accomplish these procedures without making an incision that leads to scarring. However, over time your scars will fade substantially.

Recovery after a mommy makeover

Your recovery time depends on the surgeries you choose. You may be able to go home the same day, transported home by another adult. Dr. Khalifeh may want you to stay overnight if you have medical issues or had extensive surgery performed. Recovery time ranges from one to four weeks.

You should seek assistance from family and friends to help you care for your children for at least the first week following your mommy makeover. The recovery time can range from one to four weeks, depending on the procedures in your makeover.

If you work at a desk, plan time off for two to four weeks. Some women recover more quickly and are able to return to work after a week to ten days. You cannot lift anything heavy for four to six weeks, including children or pets. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for a mommy makeover.


Most mommy makeover procedures are cosmetic and not covered by insurance. In some cases, health insurance covers the cost of a breast reduction if overly large, heavy breasts are causing neck, shoulder, or back pain, rashes, or other medical conditions.

The incision that Dr. Khalifeh uses for your abdominoplasty is the same area of your lower abdomen that was placed for a C-section.

Umbilical hernias are a common occurrence in women who have multiples or have had several pregnancies. Dr. Khalifeh can correct these kinds of hernias during the same operation. By combining the procedures, you save on fees a single recovery time.

Many women are dismayed to feel they still look pregnant – even months after giving birth. This condition can occur due to the abdominal muscles separating and leaving a gap. The muscle structure of the abdomen includes two long muscles (rectus abdominis), running vertically down your abdomen that allows you to move your body forward and sideways, and protecting your organs and keeping your core stable. During pregnancy, these muscles can split, creating an unsightly bulge that must be surgically repaired – exercises such as crunches or sit-ups could make the condition worse.

Contact us.

If you are considering a mommy makeover or other cosmetic surgery, contact Dr. Khalifeh today. He has the experience, knowledge and skills to help restore your body to appear trim, fit, and youthful. Contact our Washington DC practice to learn more about mommy makeover surgery by calling (301) 244-0148.

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