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"Dr. Khalifeh and his staff were wonderful to work with throughout the gynecomastia surgery process and the results, even years later, have held up really well. He was very helpful and courteous throughout and I could tell he took a genuine interest in his clients. I highly recommend his practice."
DC Guy on Realself
"I had a minor procedure done at Dr. Khalifeh’s McLean office and I was very happy with the results. The staff was friendly and professional. There was little to no pain I will definitely go back again."
motheroftwo22112 on Realself
"Dr. Khalifeh saw me on a moment's notice and was very kind and knowledgeable. The staff helped get us in and out without any waiting. I'll see him again for my next treatment."
Scott Miller on Facebook
"I was really nervous about my SmartLipo procedure because I’m generally an anxious person who imagines the worst. Choosing Dr. Khalifeh as my surgeon was key to calming my fears. He’s so experienced, and as others have said, approaches his job as an artist. He doesn’t push you to do any procedures and instead answers all your questions. He’s calm and reassuring throughout the procedure. There’s a reason he repeatedly makes it on the best doctor lists."
Lina2013 on Realself
"Dr.khalifeh is great. He is pleasant and knowledgeable. He makes my visits easy to schedule and his prices are competitive for the great service I receive. I trust his skills completely. Thanks DC cosmetics."
Narda Leon-strong on Facebook
"I’ve been wanting to get Lipo done for the last two years since having my daughter in 2015. I gained 80lbs while pregnant and haven’t been able to loose it all. I’m young - only 24 years old and my body is deff NOT like many other females my age. I have stretch marks and extra fat. I’ve always had a super “boxy” shape with my love handles being prominent. I finally decided to take the plunge and schedule my consultation and then procedure!!! My doctor suggested the smart (awake) Lipo to be done in 2 sessions with a main focus on my back and flanks as i do have excess skin on my stomach and did not want to go through with a tummy tuck as I’m young and want more kids in the future. My best results are going to be on my back/flanks. The first session was my back/flanks and the next session would be my upper and lower stomach (to be scheduled at a later time)."
tlinds on Realself
"Dr. Marwan Khalifeh is a true professional with artistry, he understands how the female body should look. So, a little background from me, I am a local Aesthetic Registered Nurse that has been in the industry for 15 years, Dr. Khalifeh and I have mutual patients. I have done injectables for these patients and he has done their body work - smart liposuction and tummy tuck prior to me meeting him in person. I had seen his remarkable work on 3 mutual patients prior to going in to his office for a consultation. After I met him and had the Smart Lipo procedure, I can tell you that not only is he a perfectionist, he has a passion for his craft, he's compassionate, caring and a extremely patient plastic surgeon. I was thoroughly impressed by his work and the team of staff that assists him. In my years of being in the Aesthetics field, I have worked with many surgeons, however I have not come across the professionalism, attention to detail and excellent bedside manner that Dr. Khalifeh possesses. I Love Love Love his work and Highly Recommend his practice for Plastic Surgery needs."
7616anon on Realself
"I had a great experience being surgically treated for gynecomastia. It had been bothering for about 4 years until I finally made the decision go have it removed. I chose Dr. Khalifeh and I'm glad I did. Very nice facility in Chevy Chase. Very friendly and welcoming staff, and very efficient. I went in for a consult on a Tuesday, had the surgery the following Tuesday. My chest looks so much better. And it's only going to get better as the swelling goes down even more on during the oncoming weeks. I had no issues with my entire experience. I am Happy."
Raymond Sellitto on Realself
"During the consultation Dr. Khalifeh was honest about the results I could expect. I felt reassured from the moment I got to the facility for the liposuction. The procedure went smoothly, he was very thorough, I got a trim waistline and the fat in bra area of my back shrunk greatly. I had a lot of swelling but I believe that's the way my body responds to trauma, a dental procedure several years ago also resulted in a lot of swelling. Overall I'm very pleased with the results and the cost was competitive for this area. a lot of swelling. Wish there was some medication to minimize swelling. Overall I'm very pleased with the results and the cost was competitive for this area"
ginger779 on Realself
"Great! I felt reassured from the moment I got to there for the liposuction. Dr. Khalifeh was very honest about the results I could expect. The procedure went smoothly, he was very thorough, I got a trim waistline and the fat in bra area of my back shrunk greatly. I had a lot of swelling but I believe that's the way my body responds to trauma, a dental procedure several years ago also resulted in a lot of swelling. Wish there was some medication to minimize swelling. Overall I'm very pleased with the results and the cost was competitive for this area."
ginger779 on Realself
"Dr. Khalifeh performed laser liposuction on my upper abdomen & the results were beyond my expectations. I could see my stomach muscles for the first time in my life. On the same day, he also did laser lipo on my neck. I'd had a neck lift by someone else a few years earlier, but had never been happy with the result. Once Dr. Khalifeh lipo'd the fat from my chin/neck, the underlying neck lift results finally emerged and I was thrilled with the result. A number of years later, at the age of 52, I was feeling 'old' and thought I should get a face lift so I went to a different cosmetic surgeon close to my house for a consultation. That doctor made a list of 7 different procedures he said I would need to rejuvenate my face & gave me an estimate of $18,000.00! I could not get out of there fast enough. Then I went to Dr. Khalifeh for a second opinion and estimate. I was shocked when Dr. Khalifeh told me that I was too young looking to have any work done on my face. He said the improvements achieved through any surgical procedure would be so insignificant, it would not be worth the time, pain or expense. A Doctor with integrity! He also told me I should quit smoking. I'm 56 now, smoke free for 2 years and I look younger than I did the day Dr. Khalifeh told me I didn't need a face. He is a talented and honest Doctor and I am so glad I found him."
Katniss Eberdeen on Realself
"I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Khalifeh's skills. I received a pretty serious injury to my mouth area from a large dog. The emergency room soon determined that because of the extent of damage, it would be best to have a plastic surgeon brought in. We were fortunate to learn that Dr. Khalifeh was in the vicinity -- he came to the hospital in less than 30 minutes. Then, his surgical skills were absolutely incredible. He applied almost 3 dozen stitches so carefully and skillfully that the wound is healing perfectly. Given the damage to the mouth and lips, I did not think they'd be the same. I was wrong. I cannot compliment him enough for his incredible service in need. His follow-up also showed great care."
James Grazioplene on Facebook
"Denise has a very relalaxed but super professional approach.Wonderful surroundings,easy parking!"
Di Breen on Facebook
"Dr. Khalifeh is an incredible medical professional who performed emergency hand surgery on me last November and did an amazing job. He has a friendly, calm demeanor and a wonderful staff. We are very glad to have had Dr Khalifeh and highly recommend him."
Tammy Miller Warner on Facebook
"Excellent service, great results: I haf minimally invasive ultherapy which resulted in a tremendous imğrovement in tightening of my skin. I believe that Dr. Khalifeh is excelent in his field. I would highly recommend."
aygul123 on Realself
"Great practice, reasonable prices, fantastic results! You'll be hard pressed to find a more caring body solution practice in the dmv."
Joy Goodie on Facebook
"Great bedside manner, affordable, and pays attention to detail. He is easily accessible and most importantly, he loves his craft and takes pride in his work. He is trustworthy and understands the needs of women and their desire to feel better about themselves while not taking advantage of the vulnerability that exists in the search for beauty in the middle age. He has often asked me to slow down and be more careful in my thinking on how I view my self and my own unique beauty. I love Dr. Khalifeh and would recommend without reservation! I found him on Realself and am happy to refer him to our community!"
joyscape on Realself
"First, let me start by saying that I knew I was getting the best treatment when I entered the facility . Mind you I had, had 4 other consults. My consult was on time and in detail. Dr. Khalifeh, was patient, honest and thorough explaining realistic outcomes. I had watch hundreds of videos of others peoples' experiences and actual surgeries of tummy tucks. I was fully aware of all the complications that could possibly happen. I had done my research and decided this is it. Of course we want everything to go just as we have planed in our minds. Well that's not life. I had my tummy tuck and was recovering , then boom a hematoma. Very common in this type of procedure. The staff was excellent in assisting with anything I needed. Dr. Khalifeh, was very patient and took his time with me. He was very accommodating in follow up appointments. When ever i had a question him and his staff was very professional and quick with responses. A bump in the road but well worth the experience. I would do it again. I am very satisfied with my results. Thank you so much and I will recommend Dr. Khalifeh again and again."
tamandta on Realself
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B.K-M, multiple minimally invasive treatment patient.
Mommy Makeover - Washington DC - Dr. Marwan Khalifeh
L.R., arm liposuction patient.