Breast Revision

Breast implants do not last forever. Over time, they may move out of position, rupture, ripple, or require replacement after being in place for many years. You may have changed your perception of beauty and are considering altering your breast size with smaller or larger implants. Whatever your reasons, breast revision surgery can adjust, replace, or remove implants.

Am I a candidate?

Ideal candidates for breast revision are women who desire a change in their breast implants or are experiencing difficulties with their existing implants. You may need to wait before undergoing breast revision if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have a medical condition could lead to the risk of complications
  • You are a smoker

What is breast revision?

Breast revision is a customized surgical procedure to replace or remove breast implants. The methods used and the extent of the surgery will reflect your personal aesthetic goals and the current condition of your breasts. Breast revision surgery can correct any of the following:

  • Bottoming out: In some cases, implants can slip to a position below the breast crease
  • Ruptured implants: In rare cases, an implant may rupture, requiring replacement
  • Smaller or larger implants: You may want smaller or larger breasts
  • Rippling: Some women, especially those who are very slender, may have developed rippling and require revision surgery
  • Capsular contracture: Excessive scar tissue developing around the implant can lead to capsular contracture, in which the implant is constricted, becoming hard, distorted in shape, or painful

Is breast revision surgery safe?

Like any surgery, there is a risk of complications from breast revision surgery. However, at DC Cosmetics, our double board-certified surgeon and board-certified anesthesiologist have the training and experience required to make our breast revision surgery very safe. Some of the risks include:

  • Numbness in one or both nipples
  • Bleeding, scarring, or infection
  • Breast deformity, such as sagging

Why choose DC Cosmetics?

Our team at DC Cosmetics offers an extraordinary level of comfort, professionalism, and outstanding results. Our success rate and the quality of our results inspire patients from all over the country to seek treatment from our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Khalifeh.

Dr. Khalifeh serves as an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Education Program at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Plastic Surgery and is widely regarded as being the most accomplished breast surgeon practicing in Washington DC. We invite you to meet with Dr. Khalifeh in a private consultation.


Because breast revision is a custom-tailored procedure, it’s impossible to provide a generic price, though you can expect the cost to be in the range of $4,000 to $13,300, based on the type of implants and the extent of the surgery needed.

If you have implants and are considering returning to your natural size, it can be accomplished with a custom surgery, which will include removing excess skin so that your breast mound is fully restored.