Male Tummy Tuck

Introduction to Male Tummy Tuck Surgery

Increasingly with weight loss procedures becoming common, men come to my practice with excess skin issues in the abdomen. If the issue is more skin related and /or muscle related, we turn to a tummy tuck instead of other procedures.

Tummy Tuck Details

Most details are similar to my tummy tuck section without gender specification, so I will not repeat most details but focus on a few differences below where the procedure may vary.

The first difference is that pregnancy causes more rectus diastases repair compared to simple weight loss. The reason is probable hormonal changes during pregnancy promote weakening of the linea alba, where as in weight loss, muscle rectus diastases is present at a lesser effect. This means that the muscle tightening component is either less or absent. I will examine you and discuss this with you during your consult.

The less muscle tightening is needed, the less extensive the surgical dissection, and conversely, the more lipo can be performed simultaneously. Dr. Khalifeh will formulate his plan based on individual patient’s body’s morphology, and this results in more lipo and less muscle tightening in many male patients.

Male Tummy Tuck Costs

If done in our center in healthier patients, the cost range is $7750- $11,000 based on the amount of lipo that is combined with the procedure.