The Practice

M.R. Khalifeh, MD started his practice in 2006, with the goal of offering the latest technology available in combination with advanced plastic surgery training to create a state of the art cosmetic surgery facility in the Washington DC area.

We take each patient encounter as an opportunity to educate and advise our patients. We take pride in being not only a premier destination in treatment, but also a premier destination in advice about plastic surgery. In a field that is becoming increasingly commercialized, we are committed consultations that offer a comprehensive assessment as to wether treatment would be appropriate, and our patients equally appreciate our advice to proceed with treatment when appropriate as much as our advice not to pursue as specific treatment if not indicated.

So start your journey today by calling our office at (301) 244-0148 or contacting us via the email form so that we may send you more information. We look forward to becoming your premier destination for advice regarding cosmetic surgery.