Upper Lip Lift

In addition to loss of volume in the lips, the upper lip can elongate over time. This, plus the retraction of the maxilla, leads to an aged look with the upper lip masking too much of the teeth. This is when an upper lip lift becomes an option.

Goals of the Upper Lip Lift

  • To raise the lip, making more upper teeth visible, especially in light repose or smile
  • To evert the lip and show more of the dry mucosa eversion

Techniques in Upper Lip Lifting

Dr. Khalifeh employs an perinasal/endonasal approach to lip lifting. The scar is hidden along the inferior border of the nose/ala, slightly jetting inward in nostril opennings. The procedure is done under local anesthesia with light oral sedation (valium).

After drawing the required pattern and the incison pattern, Dr. Khalifeh will numb the area with a very fine needle. Then the skin pattern will be resected. When required, the muscle layer (orbicularis ori) is imbricated to create inner lifting effect. The skin is then closed with very fine sutures.

Recovery from Upper Lip Lift

With an upper lip lift, any pain is quite minimal. Due to the location of the surgery, some visible suture lines and some visible swelling can take about a week to resolve.

Cost of Upper Lip Lift

The cost of an upper lip lift by double board-certified (plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery) doctor M.R. Khalifeh, MD is $3,500 for suitable candidates that can be administered under local anesthesia.