Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery by
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marwan Khalifeh

Revision gynecomastia surgery may be necessary after patients have already had a procedure in the past attempting to correct the gynecomastia.

When Do Patients Need Revision Gynecomastia Surgery?

The need for revision gynecomastia surgery occurs most often after patients have had a liposuction procedure alone. Sometimes it occurs after patients have had liposuction and excision, but either they did not achieve the goals they expected, or more rarely, because the gynecomastia recurred. In both of these cases, we will evaluate the case for a revision gynecomastia procedure.

Does glandular tissue come back?

The return of glandular tissue is very rare, but it is possible to have glandular tissue recurrence after gynecomastia surgery. This is because gynecomastia surgery does not seek to eliminate 100% of the glandular tissue. The reason is that a depression around the nipple would be caused if the surgeon tried to remove all the gland tissue, because unlike the surrounding skin, the nipple area does not have much fat underneath it. Rather, it is the glandular tissue that keeps it at or above the level of the surrounding skin. During gynecomastia surgery, we seek to create a natural appearance, therefore leaving a bit of cushion to the nipple is needed.

Can this tissue grow back? It is extremely unlikely. Unless the person is using steroids or has a medical problem, this tissue lies dormant. The most likely cause for recurrence of gynecomastia is either incomplete removal the first time or significant weight gain by the patient over the years. The most common patients that seek gynecomastia revision have had liposuction to the chest, but once in a while we see a patient that has had excision, a number of years back, with recurrence.

Why choose Dr. Khalifeh?

Gynecomastia surgery and gynecomastia revision are mainstays of Dr. Khalifeh’s surgical practice, performing more than 60 gynecomastia procedures yearly. Dr. Khalifeh has established himself as one of the leading gynecomastia surgeons in the midatlantic region. He has also eliminated the need for general anesthesia in most cases, making this procedure safer, easier, and quicker to recover from. Dr. Khalifeh’s attention to detail and awake procedure specialty will produce high quality results. Contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation. We also offer fly-in procedures for out of town patients.