Chin Implant (augmentation with implant)

A chin augmentation is typically done to enhance the forward bone contour of the chin area. In my practice, this is usually accomplished with a specialized implant called the “conform” implant designed by Implantech. This procedure reliably augments an under projected chin, resulting in a more proportioned face, the ultimate goal of chin augmentation.

Chin augmentation can also be performed at the time of smartlipo of the neck or a neck of facelift to make the neck more elongated when helpful. A chin implant is often performed with a rhinoplasty as well.

In men, a chin implant results in what is seen as a more masculine appearance.

Alternatives to chin implants

Recently, dermal fillers, specifically Voluma, have been used to achieve the similar goals. Filler enjoys the ease of a minimal recovery without any down time. They are also a great way for someone to “try out” a new look without the commitment of surgery. The down sides to chin fillers are that they typically require multiple tubes to achieve a similar look as a chin implant, and they will have to be repeated every 2 years.

Our Surgeon

Double Certified by both the American board of plastic surgery and the American board of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Khalifeh is an expert on Facial Anatomy and facial aesthetics. He is well known in the Washington DC community for providing cutting edge cosmetic surgery treatments.

Patient Testimonial

"From consult to surgery, this was a very smooth process. The surgery was easy and I absolutely love my new look. I wanted to thank you and the staff for the great care." -R.Z., patient