Inner Thigh Liposuction

Incisions of
Inner thigh Liposuction

Two to Three incisions are typically required for inner thigh liposuction. One will be in the groin area, one in the posterior gluteal fold, and the third incision is optional in some cases but goes down below the knee area.

I subdivide my approach to the inner thigh region into what i consider “mild to moderate upper thigh lipo only” versus more aggressive medial inner thigh down to medial knee” approach. The approaches each has advantages and disadvantages.

In the first case (“mild to moderate”), I am seeking to eliminate a specific bulge, but not thin out the inner thigh beyond the thickness of  the whole thigh. In this case, the top two incisions suffice, and the advantages is that it will not be a major fat redistribution compared to the second case, ie, the volumes are smaller. In the second case, the patient is trying to slim the whole leg. I find that unless I treat the medial knee region, I will get a “step off” where the upper inner thigh becomes smaller than the medial knee. This is especially true if the patient starts regaining the weight, and the body starts putting it right below where the surgeon stopped the contouring.

Recovery Period For Inner Thigh Liposuction

People return to work in 24-48 hours. People return to mild  exercise in 4-5 days, consisting of mainly walking. Results can be seen in two weeks, but I tell my patients to give their bodies about six weeks of healing time before any major vacations or occasions. Out of all areas we treat, smartlipo of the inner thighs is one region where the swelling persists more than other regions. This is because both of the volumes aspirated, and the dependent (ie, hanging) position of the leg, as well as the rich lymphatic systems in the leg.

Skin Retraction of the Inner thighs

The skin in the inner thigh is sometimes loose. This is because this region in most people bounces up and down with weight gain and weight loss. During the consultation in my practice,   I will give you my opinion on how the skin quality will react. Paradoxically, conservative laser lipo treatment will often lead to better results than full out aggressive treatment in the inner thighs. This is the main reason I will sometime recommend my “mild” approach to some patients if I find the quality of the skin will suffer. This way we can change shape without getting into skin retraction issues. A bit of fat left beneath the inner thigh region contributes to a youthful look.

The one mistake my patients make when self-evaluating for inner thigh liposuction is they place their hand beneath their buttocks and pull upwards on the skin to show me the results they desire. Unfortunately, this mimics a thigh lift, and overestimates the degree of skin smoothness and tightness that is possible with smartlipo. Therefore, meeting with a physician that performs a lot of these will be your best way to estimate what kinds of results you would get. You will get more change in shape than you will get tightening of the skin.