Arm Liposuction Incision Placement

With the patient lying prone (belly on the bed), one of the incisions Dr. Khalifeh uses is a posterior axilla incision to come from the armpit toward the elbow and get more fat suctioned out from this angle. Dr. Khalifeh usually uses 3 incisions to get to each arm. He finds that the use of these incisions covers a wider area and brings more pleasing arm liposuction results using laser liposuction or smart liposuction.

The second incision is placed medially near the elbow with care to avoid the ulnar groove area where the ulnar nerve runs. This allows excellent access to the medial fat pad of the arm during laser liposuction.

A final incision (not pictured) is the lateral elbow area to similarly get the fat deposits laterally.

Click here to see the compression garment you will have to wear for two weeks after this procedure.