IPL Photofacial

When an IPL device is used to treat vascular red spots and brown spots associated with every day aging, it is sometimes termed a photofacial. In our Washington DC skin care practice, we regulary employ and recommend photofacial treatments to help with skin tone.

What is an IPL or “Intense Pulsed Light”?

An IPL device is one of the most versatile devices that a plastic surgeon or dermatologist possesses in changing and treating skin tone. Our Washington DC practice uses IPL treatments (sciton BBL brand) mainly to treat brown pigment and red pigment changes associated with aging.

Intense Pulsed Light devices emit a very bright and high energy pulse of light, which is filtered by the machine, to be absorbed by specific wavelenghts. When absorbed, this leads to thermal heating of the absorbing tissues which can result in cell death of the pigmented tissue or coagulation of blood vessels in the case of vascular treatments.

Other minimally invasive treatments
to explore and combine with IPL/Photofacial:


A photofacial using IPL is priced at $400 as a standalone service. Usually, we perform photofacials as part of a treatment package, so we can give the patients the most value by combining several treatments such as fractionated CO2 lasers, fillers, botox etc. Dr. M.R. Khalifeh will work with you to find the best suitable and longest lasting treatment within your planned budget.