Scar Revision

Dr. Marwan Khalifeh employs scar minimization techniques to minimize scarring during surgery. He also offers scar revision procedures both to his patients and outside patients in cases where the scar is either causing discomfort or is cosmetically unsightly. Not all scars can be improved, therefore the first step is to obtain a consult where we can assess the scar and the surrounding skin quality.

Scar Revision Services

If surgery is recommended, we will give you a price range, which ranges from $2,500.00 from smaller scars to higher for more complex operations. After the surgery, we will make recommendations. Typically, a silicone sheeting cover is recommended. For tighter skin, a technology such as Embrace, which is more costly, can sometimes be helpful. Finally, lasers can sometimes be employed to minimize scarring post procedure.

Ideally, we are consulted for the injury as soon as it happens. In such instances, we can respond and treat in the emergency room and help minimize scarring.

Sometimes, the repairs are done without the use of plastic surgery services. We can be consulted to see if any improvement is possible, and if so, perform the procedure then.

Scar Revision
Scar Revision