Mole Removal

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Khalifeh is versed in skin lesion/mole removals and scar removals.

Removing moles

Skin lesions and moles are a common skin growth and need to be removed either for:

  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Health concerns (is the mole cancerous?)

Most moles are benign and removed for cosmetic reasons in Dr. Khalifeh’s practice. When being removed only for cosmetic reasons, the mole can be shaved off, leaving virtually no mark and this is Dr. Khalifeh’s preferred way of adressing an unwanted growth on the face. 

Video of a mole removal

To make an appointment, please call our office. Please note that the consultations for mole and scar revisions are not complementary, but the fee paid towards meeting with Dr. Khalifeh is applied towards any procedure if you decide to proceed with the procedure. If the issue is small, we can often meet with you and perform the procedure at the same meeting.