Keloid Scar Removal

Our practice performs minimally invasive therapies and surgeries to perform procedures with the least scarring possible. We also specialize in revising and removing unsightly scars.

Keloid scar

What is a Keloid scar?

A keloid is an abnormally raised scar that extends beyond the borders of the original injury or cut. It lies along the most severe form of scarring, which includes normal scarring and hypertrophic scarring. The treatment for hypertrophic and keloid scars is often very similar.

What causes a Keloid to form?

A genetic predisposition to keloid formation can predispose one to keloids. Also, infections in the wound, hair ingrowth, foreign materials including sutures, can all lead to unfavorable scarring. Sometimes the exact cause is unknown.

What treatment options are there?

There are surgical options such as excision and reconstruction of the scar. Nonsurgical options include injection of steroids (very common) and injection of antineoplastic agents (uncommon). Finally, external scar treatments such as silicone pressure patches are also employed.

Keloid Scar Removal
Keloid Scar Removal