Hand Rejuvenation

While not the number one complaint, many people feel that their hands show excessive sings of aging such as soft tissue volume loss, excessive showing of veins and tendons, and finally, brown spots on the hands.

How is Hand Rejuvernation performed

Dr. Khalifeh will often recommend Radiesse injection to the hand as a simple outpatient procedure. Radiesse will be distributed around the visible structures, masking them from view.

Another nice way to achieve those same goals in a more permanent fashion is to use the patient’s own fat.  This involves suctioning the fat from a separate area and is good for people undergoing liposuction already.

A TCA peel may also be needed to address freckles and sunspots if needed as the hands are often sun exposed.

Who is a candidate for Hand Rejuvenation

Anyone looking to mask aged hands by masking the visible veins and tendons, and perhaps the treatment of the skin as well.

The face is the part most seen by others, but hands are the body part most seen by ourselves. Therefore the treatment of the hands is one undertook to please the self more than others, and is very rewarding to patients

M.R. Khalifeh, 2015

How much does Hand Rejuvenation Cost

Hand rejuvenation costs depend on the method chosen and the amount of filling needed.  For a treatment consisting of 2 vials of radiesse injected to the hands as well as a resurfacing method such as  a laser or IPL, hand rejuvenation will cost around $1400.

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