Eyelid Fat Pockets

What causes an eyelid fat pocket?

In the lower eyelid, protruding fat pockets are a major cause of concern. These pockets are held by the orbital septum, but as the orbital septum weakens, they form protrusions which are a tell tale sign of aging. In addition, the protruding fat can create a lower eyelid shadow and darkening of the lower lid.

Lower Eyelid Anatomy

There are three pockets of fat in the lower eyelid, the lateral fat pocket, the central fat pocket, and the medial fat pocket. These pockets of fat are separated by orbital septae and are removed separately during the procedure one by one.

In the case below (which is being done under local anesthesia), the skin and muscle has been elevated off the very thinned out orbital septum, showing the fat pockets clearly. Gentle pressure on the globe will make these bulge out even more to demonstrate that effect.


Removal of the eyelid fat pocket

The pockets are removed one by one. The bulging fat is removed, and gentle pressure is applied on the globe to make sure all protruding fat is removed. The base of the fat is well cauterized to protect from any bleeding into the orbit.