Periareolar Scar

One of Dr. Khalifeh’s favorite incisions, popular in Brazil, Mediterranean Europe, and other “beach” friendly places, is the periareolar or around the nipple incison.

What to know about a Periareolar scar

Like any surgical procedure, there are certain tradeoffs and limitations. But Dr. Khalifeh will do everything he can to enure any and all incisions heal well, and will be difficult to notice.

  • The size of the implant (with silicione): because the silicone implant is prefilled, there is a limit created by existing nipple size to desired implant size ratio. The scar has to go around your nipple, and the size of your nipple determines how big of an implant can be inserted through that incision. For small nipples, the limit tends to be 275cc. For medium nipples, the limit tends to be 350cc. This limit does not apply to salines
  • Because of its proximity to the nipple, there is a slightly higher risk of loss of  nipple sensation or breast feeding interference. This is still very rare, since the dissection proceeds AWAY fromt the ducts and towards the IMF fold