Keller Funnel

The insertion of silicone breast implants requires a lot of skill to keep the incision small. A very helpful device has been introduced in the past two years to help with this, named the Keller Funnel. In our practice, we use the Keller Funnel to help assure the best outcome for the patient in primary silicone implant augmentation mammoplasty cases.

Advantages of the Keller Funnel™

  • Less skin contact between the implant and the patients skin, which reduces the chance of contamination
  • More uniform pressure on the implant, so as to decrease the possibility of inadvertently damaging the implant during insertion
  • The ability to insert implant through smaller incisions

Alternative to Keller Funnel

The traditional way to place silicone breast implants is manually, where the surgeon handles the implants with his surgical gloves. The disadvantage of this method is that the implants are slippery and the smaller the incision, the more handling of the implant it takes to get the implant in place.

Potentially, this creates skin to implant contact, which is not ideal since skin harbors bacterias, even after cleaning with cleansing agents prior to insertion. Also the handling of the implant may cause microtrauma to the implant that is not noticed and may diminish the useful age of the implant.

Disadvantages of Keller Funnel

There is really no patient disadvantage that we can think of, in terms of the Keller Funnel. Of course there are costs to the Keller funnel, but these are not passed on to the patient since Dr. Khalifeh wants you to have the best possible outcome he can perform, and uses the Keller funnel in cases of primary breast silicone augmentation.