Inframammary Scar

This is a very popular area to have the implants inserted through. This is because it is not very visible. It also gives the doctor direct access to help him reshape the breast into a pleasing contour (as opposed to the axillary scar, where the doctor is far from the breast, making it harder to reshape if needed).

Pictured above is typical of an inframammary scar. The scars are about 2.5—3cm for saline implants. For silicone, the scars are 3—5cm depending on the size of the implant. This is because salines come deflated (empty) and are rolled like a cigar and then inserted and unrolled.

Silicone implants are filled by the manufacturer, so they have to be squeezed in through a slightly bigger incision. Dr. Khalifeh specializes in keeping the scar as small as possible. Laser therapy can also help fade the scar.