Lasting Results

Do liposuction results last?

This is an important question, and we want to take the time to analyze what is being asked here because the answer is yes, long term liposuction results can be excellent, but do require patient awareness and participation. What patients mean by this question, in my experience, falls into a few areas.

Can I get lipo and do nothing and keep the results?

The answer depends on what the volume of liposuction was. If it was a small percentage of your existing body fat, then patients are able to keep up the results without chainging their lifestyle much.

If it was a large part of your fat, then you may regain some of the weight, but it will typically go to other sections that have not been treated. Read about weight loss versus liposuction for more details.

If I get liposuction
can the fat return?

In general, no, fat will not return to the same areas. Some fat can return, but it is more likely to develop elsewhere, rather than in the problem area.

So someone who has liposuction in the lower back/flanks, and then reverts back to his/her original weight, will distribute that weight all over his/her body rather than in the area treated. Note that in the abdomen, there are two compartments, external and visceral. You can get the external fat treated, gain 20lbs, and get a large abdomen because your body will use the visceral fat compartment. The successfull long term liposuction patients, in general, have the following attributes:

  • They treat one or two areas. three at most
  • Their lifestyle improves, or at the very least, does not deteriorate
  • Their weight is kept down in best case scenarios, or same, as before the surgery.