Anesthesia & Comfort

One of the concerns of patients is comfort during the procedure. Because Laser liposuction and traditional liposuction are performed awake, it does involve a few portions of discomfort. For one, the numbing medication needs to inserted. This involves a few needles, and a probe called the infiltrator which deposits the numbing medication.

These parts of the procedure are not necessarily pleaseant, just like when one goes to the dentist. They are, however, easily tolerated by patients. Once the numbing is in, the sensation dramatically decreases. The patient will feel Dr. Khalifeh working, sensing pressure and motion, but the pain is removed. Furthermore, prior to the procedures, the patients typically receive lortab and valium to help with relaxation. Dr. Khalifeh is experienced in numbing the patient and getting them comfortable for the procedure.

Patient of Dr. Khalifeh enjoying her romance novel while he performs laser liposuction. Picture is not staged. Dr. Khalifeh asked his assistant to snap a shot because he was impressed. Most patients feel more comfortable conversing with Dr. Khalifeh, who keeps them reassured and comfortable. Ipods are also popular. A movie screen is often requested, please know we are working on it.

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Anesthesia & Comfort