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Male Liposuction in Washington, DC with Dr. Marwan Khalifeh

Male Liposuction: Introduction    |Photos|

Over the past fifteen years, male cosmetic surgery has become much more prominent in the United States due to increasing acceptance that men may have the desire for body modifications in order to attain a specific look they seek.  In my practice, which is a practice dedicated to the arts of liposculpture, or body shape modification attained mainly thru the removal (and yes, sometimes addition) of fat, about a third of my patients are men.

Aesthetics for men liposuction

The actual technical details of smartliposuction or liposuction do not differ much between men and women.  However, the aesthetics for men do differ from the aesthetic for women.  Men in general are looking for more angular lines, ie a V shape torso, angular chin, etc.  In women, we seek to obtain more soft , S-shaped curves.

Recovery of Male Liposuction

Recovery from smartlipo is going to be as short as 48hrs for small procedures such as one region smartlipo of flanks or abdomen, to as long as 5 days for more involved procedures.  In general, it takes five days to return to soft cardio-type exercise and about three weeks to return to heavier forms of exercise involving muscles near the region treated (ie: crunches after abdominal liposuction).  Garments are worn, and there are styles specially made for men.  Finally, scrotal areas may experience swelling when treating the abdomen, and we forewarn men so that they do not worry about that if it happens.  See recovery timeline after lipo for more info.

Popular men smartlipo treatment areas

Abdomen and flanks are the most popular areas for males seeking smartlipo treatment.  This is followed by the chin area.  The male chest region is also popular, however most people benefit from a combined smartlipo/excisional approach.  If you are interested in the chest area, click here for more info.

Cost and making an appointment

The cost of male liposuction in our Washington dc region is in line with our competitor’s practices.  We even have a price match guarantee (please see details) because the expertise of our surgeon scares some patients away who think that we will be much more expensive.  What we don’t advertise is “teaser” prices that then get inflated with additional fees.  Our average male liposuction upper abdomen/lower abdomen, anterior sides patient ends up paying about $3300 depending on promotions going on at the season.  We find that our prices end up very similar to the one quoted by non-plastic surgeons performing smartlipo in unaccredited facilities.  Our consult is free and can be obtained by filling the contact us box or by calling (301) 244-0148.
Disclaimer: there’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Male Liposuction Before and After Photo