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Chin Neck and Jowl laser Liposuction

Chin, Neck and Jowl  line liposuction is an excellent procedure to remove excess fullness in the neck area.

The ideal candidate has good skin quality, but excess fullness. 

Dr. Khalifeh will usually recommend laser liposuction, as this is a small area that does not require full anesthesia.  With laser liposuction, the skin tightening will be also enhanced.

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to perform.

The steps involved are:

Step 1: You will take valium (optional) to help relax and an antibiotic

Step 2: The skin is cleaned with an antiseptic

Step 3: With a very small needle, the skin is numbed at three sites for the incisions (click on the link below to see where these incisions are).  With another needle. 2 millimeter incisions are made

Step 4: The tumescent solution is infused into the neck for numbing and control of bruising.

Step 5: The laser is used to melt the fat and help tighten the skin.

Step 6: A liposuction cannuli is used to remove the fat

Step 7: The neck and face is wrapped with a compression garment and the recovery process begins

If you have a lot of skin laxity, Dr. Khalifeh may recommend you consider a minifacelift or neck lift.

Click here to see pictures of incisions of neck liposuction

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