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Botox & Dysport in Washington DC Maryland Virginia

Botox Washington DC:   |Before/After|

Introduction  by M.R. Khalifeh:

“There has been a true  revolution in cosmetic enhancement shifting away from surgery towards simpler and safer alternatives to achieve outstanding results  during the last fifteen years.  The optimal treatment often combines modalities mentioned on this page with the many non-invasive modalities that now exist.   I personally use some of the products listed on this page and recommend them to address some of the cosmetic concerns of aging changes.

Once you are ready, the best advice I can give you is after a  live consult with me.  Prioritize and list  your cosmetic goals for me, and I will formulate a cosmetic plan that maximizes results within your outlined goals.

—M.R. Khalifeh, updated 5/6/17, reviewed 11/10/17

Before and After Pictures of Dysport or Botox


Introduction to the FDA approved Wrinke Relaxers: Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®:

The stepping stone into any cosmetic procedures for many patients tends to be in the wrinkle relaxers, or botulism derived products. There are currently three FDA approved botulism-toxin derived products available  for use. These drugs are Botox®, Xeomin, and Dysport®. They tend to work very similarly.   Some patients do have a preference, and others do react better to one than the others.Dr. Khalifeh’s preferred choices are Dysport and Botox as he gets the best results with those medications.

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Which Wrinkles can  Botox and Dysport help me with?

The primary (strong effectiveness) for uses for cosmetic Botox and Dysport are:

1) Forehead lines both horizontal and vertical (glabellar lines)

2) smile lines on the corners eyes

Secondary uses (less good effectiveness)  for cosmetic Botox and Dysport are:

1) small doses to help with upper lip wrinkles

2) small doses to help raise the corners of the mouth

3) Platysma doses to help with platysmal banding.

4) Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

How Does Botox and Dysport Work?

The basic mechanism of action is that they interfere with the nerve-muscle junction near the place they are injected, and essentially paralyze the muscles there. All derived benefits start from that basic mode of action, which takes 2-3 days to take effect.   So how does paralyzing the muscle improve cosmesis?  In lines created and accentuated by the skin creasing due a muscle action, eliminating that repeated (and often involuntary) creasing of the skin allows the natural processes of skin remodeling to eliminate or at least improve the crease.


How Long Does treatment with Botox®, Xeomin®, or Dysport® last?

The paralysis to the muscle will last you about three months at a time, although after several treatments, the cosmetic effects may last even longer than that.  Many of our Washington DC Botox and Dysport patients find that they can space the treatments out to about 4-6 months.

Side Effects:

The side effects are mainly related to either trauma with the fine needle, which can cause bruising (as all needles), or with the drug affecting neighboring muscles and paralyzing them.  For instance, injection of the glabella area can rarely lead to some droopiness of the eyelid. Fortunately, those side effects are reversible. Experience with dosage and injection techniques keep these risks to a very minimum. Additional risks are related to the trauma induced by the tiny needle (such as bruising, bleeding, infection), but these are not common.


The down time from the procedure is 3-4 hours.  You may have slight swelling in the area injected.  Do not lie down for four hours to minimize that swelling.  Normal activities can be resumed immediately after leaving our office.


It takes at least three days to see results.  The effectiveness of each drug in paralyzing the muscle injected is directly related to the dosage used for each drug.  Some people are very sensitive to a small dosage and others require a higher dose.

Long Term Effects:

There are no major long term effects of these drugs. Stopping the drugs means the lines will simply return eventually.  A few patients develop reduced effect to the effects of one drug, and may require switching to another drug.


The products are priced per unit.  The units differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.  In general, depending on the promotion, Botox is priced at 13-15 $/unit  and Dysport at 13.5$/3units.  We use the least amount of units to try to achieve the desired look. Expect to pay about 400-750 for a Botox treatment and about $300-650 for an equivalent treatment with Dysport.

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