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What is coolsculpt?

Coolsculpt is a two to three year old technology that cools fat to a degree which causes apoptosis and fat cell death.  Then, your body clears away the fat material and dead cells away from that area, causing a permanent reduction in the region treated.

Does Coolsculpt Work?

Because of my expertise on smartlipo, body contouring patients seek my advice often on Coolsculpt, although in my Boutique single surgeon practice, I have elected not offer it (I do refer patients to a few practices that I trust that offer it).

The short answer is that it works, but it will never replace smartlipo and liposuction because of limitations in treatment.

Advantages of CoolSculpt over smartlipo

Non-surgical: No skin incisions (although treatment suction can leave skin marks)

Less downtime: Most patients return to work immediatel

Advantages of Smartlipo over Coolsculpt

Much more effective area for area:  there are two major limitations I find in Coolsculpting to getting good results:

  • Limitations in volume:  most patients have more volume to be removed than possible with the coolsculpt treatment.  This leads them to not seeing results from the procedure.
  • Limitations in area:  the machine suction cups will treat limited and noncontiguous areas. In order to get the results that my patients expect, I need to remove a lot more than what a coolsculpt treatment is able to do, in a much wider area than the one covered by a coolsculpt treatment device.  This need to cover wide areas is for the treatment to blend with the rest of the untreated body rather than having  a stark difference between treated and untreated.

Conclusion: Smartlipo vs Coolsculpt

For patients not considering a small surgical procedures, coolsculpt does offer the ability to reshape certain areas slightly. For patients considering a more dramatic improvement, smartlipo offers the ability via a small awake procedure to reshape the body more effectively in my opinion.

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