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What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a soft fat benign tumor. They’re usually harmless and quite common, occuring in about one in 1,000 persons.

Appeareance of a lipoma

They usually appear under the skin, and the overlying skin is normal. They appear as small, soft lumps. They may feel doughy, and will often slide under the skin easily with finger pressure. They are normally painless, but occasionally run next to nerves and can be bothersome.

Surgery For lipoma

When bothersome, lipomas can be removed in our office by Dr. Khalifeh. A small incision about half the size of the lipoma is usually required. After the tumor is removed, the skin is sutured. Dr. Khalifeh recommends open removal of lipomas for the vast majority of cases. He rarely, if ever, recommends liposuction for a lipoma.

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