Can Breast Implants Be Too Large?

Is there such a thing as too large when talking about breast implants?

Breasts, back pain and posture

Plastic surgeons often reduce breasts to alleviate back pain and postural problems. It is natural therefore to assume that the reverse, adding weight to the breasts, may cause back pain and postural problems. Click here for a study which found that breast implants of 400cc or above may cause reversible postural problems:

It is important for women to balance their desire for breast enhancement with the need of an active and healthy lifestyle, including a healthy posture and ease in excercise. An overly large implant may contribute to poor posture and less ease in movement.

Dr. Khalifeh will advise you on the size of implant that is appropriate for to reach your goals. Women that want larger implants than 400cc have to make sure that they pay attention to make sure their posture remains healthy.

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