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incisions and scars from breast augmentation surgery

Incisions Options for Breast Implants.

In this post, I will explore all the options that I am aware of for placing breast implants, stressing the ones that I use in my practice most often and explaining why I don’t use some of the others.  Let’s start with the top three most common choices.


Inframmary Fold incision:  This is the most popular incision used in primary and revision breast implant surgery.  In women who have a fold of skin, defined by me as an angle between the chest “floor” and breast “wall” of at least 90 degrees before surgery, I fell that this incision offers a very hidden choice and tends to heal very well.   It heals fast and it is precise. See how inframmary breast fold  scars heal

Periareolar Incision:  This was is around the areola border.  The advantages is that it offers a nicely camouflaged (rather than hidden) scar that I find particularly of advantage in cases where there is not a very clear breast fold.  It heals relatively fast.  It is precise, ie, we are close to the areas in the breast where precise work is being done during this surgery, which is the cleaveage area/inferiormedial border.  See how periareolar incisions heal

Transaxillary incision:  very well hidden, but difficult incision to work with since you are furthest from the areas where the surgeon has to do precise dissection.  so unless your anatomy is very suitable to receiving an implant and not much adjustment to the dissection pocket is needed, I find this not to be as suitable incison, in my exprience.  but once in while, an ideal candidate can get that incison.

and you’ve also heard about those incisions, but they are not used in my practice because…….

Transumbilical: (thru the belly button).  This is a nifty procedure that was developed at the hey day of saline implants, boosted by the fact that silicones were not available.  Now that over 95% of my implants placed are silicone breast implants, it has little use, and with little use comes little practice.  Therefore this incision is not suitable because the demand has shifted to more natural feeling silicone filled implants.

Thru the tummy tuck incision at the same time as a tummy tuck:  I think this was featured on TV during some plastic surgeyr show.  I don’t think it’s a wise idea because it would extend the area of dissection of a typical tummy tuck, and therefore increase the risk with the tummy tuck procedure.  Obviously it would be an option only for mommy makeovers where breast and tummy are beign worked on.  But I still don’t recommend it even then.

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