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Plastic Surgery for Men

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Welcome to my practice.

About 30% of my practice is composed of men seeking body contouring.   Many men feel uncomfortable discussing their goals, and it takes them more time to decide to come in.  This is because plastic surgery, while common amongst men, is not as openly discussed as it is amongst women.

The most common procedure I perform on men is male smartlipo of the abdomen, flanks, and chin area.  A close second is reduction of men’s overdeveloped breasts through gynecomastia surgery.  Both of these procedures are very rewarding to perform.  My gynecomastia patients are some fo the happiest patients I have, because typically they have been bothered by their condition since adolescence.

Enjoy our website, and whenever you are ready, please make an appointment to discuss your goals with me.

—M.R. Khalifeh, MD